Ridgeline Destruction
View from Trinidad Head: About 60% of the trees along this ridgeline would be destroyed.

Developer's Plans Would Violate the Law

If the County Planning Commission approved this subdivision, they would be authorizing violations of the California Coastal Act and of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - future development that would:

These are all violations of the Coastal Act and/or of CEQA.

County Planning Department Recommends Approval

Despite these problems, the County Planning Department recommends that the County Planning Commission approve this project. Their staff report (a 10MB PDF) can be found here.

2010 Application

In 2010, the Humboldt County Planning Commission heard the original version of this application. Those documents can be found below.

Most Recent Map

Homan Major Subdivision Map (Jan 21, 2010) (2.8 MB PDF file)

Staff Report

For more information, download sections of the Staff Report. (Sorry, you need to download a chunk of the entire staff report below in order to read a specific section.)

Staff Report SectionPage
Agenda Item (March 4 Planning Commission)1
Staff Recommendation to Adopt MND2
Draft of Planning Commission Resolution to Adopt MND4
Vicinity Map5
Zoning Map6
Assessor Parcel Map7
Air Photo - POD GIS Map8
Attachment 1: Recommended Conditions of Approval9
Exhibit A - Department of Public Works Conditions14
Attachment 2: Staff Analysis of Required Findings24
Attachment 3: Applicant's Evidence Supporting the Findings37
Attachment 4: Referral Agency Comments38
Attachment 5: Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration57
Attachment 6: Public Comments106
Attachment 7: Submitted Studies and Reports268
Exception Request for Lot Size, Lot Width and Solar Access269
Fault Evaluation Report274
R-1 Engineering Geologic/Foundation and Soils Report311
Stream Transition Line and Wetland Delineation373
Terrestrial Vertebrate Study408
Special Status Plant Study419
Aquifer Test Results426
On-site Wastewater Analysis496
Supplement 1 (Public Comments)8.8 MB
Supplement 2 (Public Comments)5.0 MB
Supplement 3 (Expert Hydrology Report & Public comments)3.7 MB
Supplement 4 (Regional Water Quality Board Comments)0.6 MB
Supplement 5 (Public Comments)3.5 MB
Supplement 6 (Non-native Plants)0.2 MB
Supplement 7 (Public Comments)0.5 MB
Supplement 8 (Public Comments)0.7 MB
Supplement 9 (Public Comments)2.5 MB
Supplement 10 (Public Comments)2.0 MB
Supplement 11 (Developer's response to Trinidad Planning Commission Concerns)0.8 MB
Supplement 12 (Friends of College Cove Testimony May 26, 2010)
Supplement 13 (Public Comments)1.2 MB
Additional Utility Easement (Department of Public Works)0.6 MB

The full staff report is more than 523 pages long. This report has been split into several large PDF files, which you can download here:

PDF FileSize
Pages 1-5121.4 MB (missing document)
Pages 52-10124.3 MB
Pages 102-19938.7 MB
Pages 200-25125.1 MB
Pages 252-30026.3 MB
Pages 301-35625.5 MB
Pages 357-40120.8 MB
Pages 402-45221.4 MB
Pages 453-49917.5 MB
Pages 500-52310.9 MB

Trinidad Area Plan (July 31, 2006)(0.6 MB PDF file)
Waste Water Evaluation (Feb 2, 2009) (4.3 MB PDF file)
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (Jan 5, 2010) (0.5 MB PDF file)

Homan Major Subdivision Project Description (Feb 3, 2009) (0.2 MB PDF file)