Follow the Law

Friends of College Cove is not anti-development. We simply want the County to follow and enforce the law.

In the case of the Homan Major Subdivision project, this means that the developer needs to redesign his project to fix the problems and follow the recommendations identified in our original 187 page testimony below and those we will submit shortly to the Planning Commission.

The County Planning Department is funded by developers to evaluate projects and determine whether they follow all applicable laws and regulations. In the case of the Homan Major Subdivision project, the Planning Department didn't do their job.

Friends of College Cove spent thousands of hours of volunteer time and thousands of dollars doing its own evaluation. Only after we submitted our testimony below did the developer withdraw his initial project shortly before the June 3 2010 hearing before the Planning Commission.


Title Description Author Pages Size (MB)
Testimony Friends of College Cove Testimony Friends of College Cove 31 2.2 Download
Exhibit A Project at 1228 Stagecoach Road California Coastal Commission Staff Report 20 1.0 Download
Exhibit B Visual Character of Area: Setbacks and Trees Charles Netzow 60 10.6 Download
Exhibit C Stillwater Sciences, Technical Memorandum Megan Keever 15 4.8 Download
Exhibit D Biological Impacts Dr. Jim Waters and Ms. Virginia Waters 10 0.4 Download
Exhibit E Wetlands Delineation California Coastal Commission 8 0.1 Download
Exhibit F Cascadia Hydrology Peter Manka 4 1.6 Download
Exhibit G Siskiyou Forestry Consultants Greg Blomstrom 2 0.1 Download
Exhibit H Impacts on City of Trinidad and ASBS Dr. Chi-Wei Lin 5 0.1 Download
Exhibit I Geometric Analysis of Project Site: Ridgelines and Slopes Robert Vogel 27 3.9 Download
Exhibit J Watershed Issues Sungnome Madrone 5 0.1 Download